Mini-Challenge - January Drudgery - Boost The heart Rate

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Take a few minutes to get your heart rate up high enough you are 'almost' breathless. Do this to keep your immune system working to help you lose fat. It will also keep you from being depressed.

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Week 4 70% Successful
Week 3 44% Successful
Week 2 72% Successful
Week 1 66% Successful

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Successful: 26 Jan 12 by Cassie3488
"today my bo was 123/90 when i tried to donate blood at school"
Successful: 11 Jan 12 by exchubby123
"Last week I started to go to gym again. I usually do either spinning or ..."
Failed: 09 Jan 12 by RubyRedSox
"My legs quit working trying to accomplish this. They feel like lead be ..."
Successful: 09 Jan 12 by AlreadyCuteK8
"I've walked every day this week. "
Successful: 07 Jan 12 by Tro-lala
"Stair machine till I die"

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