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Live your life, but don't lose sight of your goals.


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1. Eat sensibly

Guidelines: It's not always possible to stay strictly with your diet plan. Barbecues, picnics and vacations should be enjoyed, not feared. You can limit the damage by avoiding sugar, salty snacks and excess carbs, and limiting alcohol intake. There are plenty of 'good for you' foods that taste great, so when faced with a choice, choose those. Okay, and just little of what you fancy, but just a taster, no mindless munching!
weeks 1 to 8

2. Schedule in some 'sensible' days

Guidelines: We all slip up sometimes! If you know that you've overindulged, then schedule one or two 'sensible' days to make up for it. You'll be surprised what a difference it makes. After a vacation, get straight back on track, no messing!
weeks 1 to 8

3. Exercise

Guidelines: In the hot weather, it's tempting just to laze around. Keep moving, any way you can. It helps you to feel energised, and burns off those extra calories.
weeks 1 to 8

4. Hydrate

Guidelines: Drink your daily quota of water or other low calorie drinks. Water is especially important in hot weather. Remember to sip through the day to keep hydrated.
weeks 1 to 8

5. Enjoy!

Guidelines: Soon it will be winter again....
weeks 1 to 8

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