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Posted: 28 Jun 2013, 14:12
This was written by a Fatsecret Member, Heidijoy and I loved it so much I wanted to share. Enjoy!

Here's to the losers.
The baggy-pantsed, the sweaty-brow'd, the "no-thanks-I've-had-enough" crowd.
Here's to passing on the pizza, skipping the sundae and snacking on pea pods.
Because it matters.

It matters each day, whether our scales give us a win with a loss.
It matters when we add another weight, another mile, another rep, another opportunity to choose health.
Because this is what we choose.
We are the people who are creating a better life, one battered running shoe at a time.
We are the people who won't go down without a fight, genetics and fast food be damned.

We are committed.
We are skipping the TV to go to the gym.
Shutting the fridge and opening the front door.
Slicing and dicing through a garden's worth of greens to create a more beautiful plate.
We will not dig our graves with our forks.
We will fall off the wagon and then get back up, sprint after it, and hop right back on.

We are successful because we refuse to give up.
We stand for nutrition and fitness--not diet and exercise. We stand against pills and quick-fixes, against charlatans and fads. We believe in real food, in sweat equity, in learning this lifestyle of health.
It's simple, but it's hard.

We do it the old-fashioned way.
We count calories, ditch donuts, refuse refills. We keep it lean, keep it fresh, and keep moving. We fuel our bodies with nutrients, but refuse to chew on something just because our mouths are bored.
When we're down, we turn to each other--not Ben & Jerry.
We find small victories in inches lost, miles measured, chips declined, heads turned.

Because we're not just losing weight--we're gaining health.
And each day of our journey is a struggle.
But it's worth it.
It's worth it when someone points a camera at us.
It's worth it when they check our IDs and do a double-take.
It's worth it when we buy the smaller size, flex new muscles and keep up with our children and grandchildren.

It's worth it, because our goals mean more than a burger and fries.
They're worth more than a slice of office birthday cake.
We're worth more than a life of elastic waistbands, seatbelt extensions and shopping in the plus sizes.
Cast US as the leading lady or gent, not the funny, fat friend.
Choose US for your team, ask US for advice, give US the promotion.

Because we know discipline.
We know perseverance.
We know commitment and courage and the simple, daily acts it takes to reach our goals.
And we've never met a limit we couldn't test.
We love a challenge.

So we raise our protein shakes high; our green juices; our blue water bottles.
We toast the new life we have, the new energy we feel.
We throw away our fat pants. We relish our before and after photos.
We cheer each other on.

Because we are the losers, but we are winning.
We are winning this fight for our lives.
And life is very, very good.