Mini-Challenge - Drink more water!!

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8-10 8 oz glasses of pure water a day is perfect! DIET BITES gives some fun facts about drinking water.. I know drinking boring ole water is a pain, so keep these in mind to keep you motivated! - water is very filling and can sometimes wipe out hunger pains - water to the kidneys is like a soothing crème to dry, cracked skin - water enhances the look of your skin and nails, and may aid those experiencing facial breakouts - water helps flush out toxins in the body, as well as sodium which can trigger water-weight gain - water keeps constipation at bay - ample water in the diet will make you feel better - water contains zero calories p.s. Dont overdo yourself in drinking water. 8-10 glass is good. It is possible to drink to much!

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Successful: 29 Mar 09 by Geewiz
"This was an easy one for me!"
Successful: 04 Mar 09 by typeAblood
"OH YEA!! drinking lt of water a day"