Mini-Challenge - Support your fellow dieters! Stay Positive for yourself and all of us!

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We all need the support. If you achieve a goal, let everyone celebrate with you. If you miss one, let us console you. Everyone needs help, so be supportive. We will get through this!!

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Week 6 90% Successful
Week 5 81% Successful
Week 4 78% Successful
Week 3 70% Successful
Week 2 75% Successful
Week 1 85% Successful

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Failed: 06 Apr 09 by Dufresne
"I am at a stuck phase. I am still proud of myself. I have drank alot ..."
Successful: 29 Mar 09 by Geewiz
"My goal was to eat before 8:00 pm I was successful. Though I did not have ..."

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