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What are you having difficulty with?
I have difficulty doing my exercises! It's hard to stay focused for me, and I just want to sit on my butt instead of doing some sort of activity. I also bought a pack of cookies at the supermarket ...
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dont really understand
Hello, i am kind of new at this and dont really understand.. is the challenge just to loose 16 lbs in 6 weeks? like are there any workouts or diets to fallow? and how do you join a group or whatever im ...
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Challenge Progress?
Just curious why some are reporting their "weekly progress" before the week is done. This is also reflecting on a pass or fail prior to the week's end. Someone please correct me if I am not ...
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16 lbs in 6 weeks??
:?: I'm not sure this is realistic for me ... that is an average of 2.6 almost 2.7 lbs a week which is a lot:!: However, I am willing to give it my best and see what happens. :d I find as I lose ...
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hello all
this is my 1st challenge, so im hoping i can stick to it. i do some of this stuff already, so heres hoping i can boost it up a notch. good luck everyone ^_^
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Losing it all
Hi, I am all set for this challenge. Will try to lose as much as I can in these 6 weeks. 3 lbs per week is possible but is going to need a lot of consistency from me. I will walk an hour everyday and ...
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So Excited!!
I'm new here but I can't wait to start this challenge. I have had about a 4 week plateau and I'm hoping to break it with this challenge and support from you all.
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started by Dana_Bella, 9 years ago.   
One day till the challenge starts and currently 106 contenders!! Its the Blue Beauts vs the Red Hots... Who will come out victorious in 42 days?? Time, dieting, and a lot of salad will only tell.... ...
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started by MelodyWright, 9 years ago.   
Alright let's do this!!!
Hi! I just heard about fatsecret and just signed up today. I'm not too fluent with it yet, but will be by the end of this weekend I'm sure. I'm very excited to start this challenge, as ...
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Hi everyone! I'm Melody. I figured I'd introduce myself! Hope your all doing great!
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My name is Mario! just wanted to say hello and i am really looking forward to losing as much weight has i can in 6 weeks!
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started by Mevalenz, 9 years ago.