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won't let record last day progress :(
I've tried recording results a few times today, and I just keep getting an error. I walked 30 minutes this morning on the treadmill... I feel jipped that it won't let me record my last day of ...
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started by danihyde, 5 years ago.   
I have stuck with it, it's not a miracle yet, but it's a start!
I have worked out everyday since Monday. Wednesday I worked out in the morning and then in the afternoon. I am really hoping this is the one thing that will get me to stick to it. I really would like to ...
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started by crystal blatchley.   
Well, I was successful getting up and doing 20 minutes of exercise yesterday morning, I am sore from it. I did a circuit for 20 minutes of squats, pushups, and abs, with marching to get my heartrate up. ...
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started by crystal blatchley, 5 years ago.   
How do I record my exercise on here???:?:
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started by sunshine3porcupine.   
I'ts a good day to work out
This is my first time joining a group online. I meet with a trainer every morning at 6am on Tues and Thur and 8:15 on Mon. and Wed. hope this challenge helps me loose the 30lbs I've been chasing :|
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started by fay taylor, 5 years ago.   
Start Working Out in the Morning
today i wake up at 5 AM and then i have start working.....i think it´s a good for your body and my advice is: try it! ;)
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started by Norbi79, 5 years ago.   
Hope everyone had a great start this morning!
I didn't sleep very well last night - but I drug myself out of bed and did 20 minutes of Wii this morning. Tomorrow I'll try for something more strenuous.
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started by Britt1975.   
Usually take Mondays off. :)
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started by hooping, 5 years ago.   
Wake up early but laziness prevails at 250/hr speed
:( I wake up daily at 6:00 am but am so lazy that I sleep again at 7:00 :( seems an appropriate challenge for me :p
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started by Chocohaulic, 5 years ago.   
I have become better at exercising in general, but waking up early is a killer. I know I have every reason to do it, though, so here I am! Looking forward to the challenge and checking in with everyone. ...
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started by o.l.k., 5 years ago.   
Almost time to get started!!!
I've been trying all this week to get up early and work out as prep for the start of this challenge on Monday. But not just this week, I've been trying for a few years. I can get up early but ...
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started by Bajebus, 5 years ago.   
Morning Workouts work great
Morning workouts are the reason I lost my initial weight back in 2009. Went from 216lbs to 158lbs (58lbs) from 2009 to 2010. I have now leveled off and started bicycle racing and also slacked off on the ...
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started by garate55.