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Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 10:10
Hi Fellow Slump Busters!

I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm V, your admin. I started this challenge for a few reasons - first, I needed the motivation at this time of year to get back on track and stay there. Second, I found that I'm better at challenges that are about checking in with each other and motivating each other, but I sort of suck at challenges that are too rigid (eg: do x pushups, and drink 116 oz of water per day, while doing something with my non-existent children).

I'm single, in my mid-thirties, live in NYC, and am a bit of a workaholic. In addition to a day job at a university, I also run a non-profit event with at-risk college students most evenings and weekends. This time of year that means I work 7 days a week and am surrounded by catered food that is high calorie. Not only do I need to do a bit better for myself, but I've noticed some of the college students I work at have my same bad take-out habits, so I'm trying to better a role-model for them.

Because I like to be a stereotype, I have a cat. She is also going on a diet because my roommate has been feeding her table scraps AND a spoonful of the food from her new kitten's meals. My cat is not thrilled about this turn of events, and currently thinks the nice French woman we live with (who owns a cafe, and brings home brioche) is a much nicer person than I am. The cat is named Cosmic ... she may make an appearance if I post photos.

I did the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer this past October, and had some serious training for 39.3 miles in two days, so I've gotten in a bit better shape, but with the cold and snow I've fallen out of practice. I'm a walker - my theories on running involve being motivated by zombies and ax murders as the only possible reasons to pick up a jog. I also like to dance, and yoga is good. Trying to figure out exercise that works in my limited schedule is a big challenge.

My goal for this challenge is to lose 10-15 lbs. I lost 55 lbs last year through better diet and training for the walk. I'm now back at a weight I find manageable, but not quite ideal. I put on about 6 lbs over the holidays I like to re-lose, and then get to a weight that I know I feel better when exercising at. I've battled my weight for so long I don't have a real "goal" weight in mind, just incremental losses I'm trying to achieve based on vague memories of when I've felt my best.

I'll probably post a lot here. One, because I feel responsible as admin, and two, because I find I stay better on track that way. Also ... I'm really verbose. You may have gathered that Smile . Full disclosure, I was a high school English teacher for 8 years.

Looking forward to meeting everyone! You can reply to this thread or start your own for introductions.

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Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 03:30
Hi V, and the rest of you. I'm Makitsi, a danish woman, 46 and in my last year of studying philosophy and religion. Mother of 3, married, living in the countryside and veeeery fond of eating things that are not good for me.

My goal for being on fs is primarily my health. I want to be able to hike in the mountains without feeling like a grizzly bear, be comfortable around friends and family, and gain peoples attention when I join in a conversation. It sometimes (often) feels like overweight equals no brain - people just have a hard time listening to the content of your conversation, unless you talk about recipes and stuff. Might be me, who is overly sensitive, I don't know, but if I can get a healthy body maybe my selfesteem will rise with it and make me dare going into discussions more.

Anyways, Im not aiming to wear a size 00 but to get in balance. My body should last many years still.

On top I want to help my 10 year old girl slim down, too. Unfortunately she has inherited my sweet tooth and is overeating, which makes her way to big for her age and height. It's about last call for her to beat the habits, and I don't want her to end up being overweight during her teenage years. So, I'm not doing this just for me, Im doing it at least as much for and with her.

I hope to be inspired by this group and will enjoy getting to know you all.