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Posted: 29 Jan 2013, 14:57
Hi Friends:

I created this challenge to help those of us who need a little motivation to get "back on track". We're approaching the point where the New Year's Resolutions start to waver, where post holiday work picks up, and where the cold, dreary days of winter (or for the Aussies, the heat of summer) can make staying motivated and active a real challenge.

This challenge has two goals: 1) to keep you motivated during that slump season, and 2) to keep you involved in the challenge even if you slip up. I know how hard it is sometimes to "complete" a challenge - this challenge tries to break up the common dieting goals into manageable pieces, and to give you a way to "get back on track" even if you slip up.

What this challenge is not:

- not a specific "diet" or food plan: you won't find food recommendations. I'm not even listing how much water you "should" drink. I assume you are using FS to record your calories and those guidelines, but that's it. If you want to share the kind of diet you are on that is great! We're all here to help each other with what we've found works. If you don't know where to start, simply record what you normally eat for the first week, and adjust from there.

- no set amount of exercise: because if you already exercise, it's not really a "challenge" to ask you to do what you are already doing. The challenge is to improve, and only you can determine what that means. You NEED to be active, but that is going to be different for each of us. This is a great reason to also join other challenges that focus on specific fitness goals.

- the expectation that check boxes are enough: understanding WHY certain things work or don't work is just as important as the fact that they worked in the first place. The goal of this challenge is to spend 10 weeks of "regular life" identifying what will actually work and not work for you.

What this Challenge WILL do:

- remind you that "Calories In, Calories Out" is the only real weightloss equation, so keeping those numbers accurate is the best plan for success.
- keep you motivated!
- create a sense of community!
- keep you ACCOUNTABLE!

The only requirement is honestly with yourself. Looking forward to working with you!