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Posted: 20 Mar 2013, 11:45
The challenge will be getting underway shortly, just wondering if everyone wanted to introduce themselves and their goals for this challenge?

I'll start.... I'm E! I'm currently doing IP Alternatives / my own kind of plan, and I'm hoping to be down 30 pounds during the challenge at LEAST.

I've lost 42 so far in 11 weeks, so I'm hoping I can finish out strong.

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Posted: 20 Mar 2013, 14:28
Hi. Im Jenn and live in Lake Worth Florida. I've lost TONS of weight over my lifetime (I am 44), and pretty much gained it all back, and I'm sooooo sick and tired of it!! My hopes are that this challenge will give me that kick start that I need.
I've had success with Atkins and I've restarted again (today is day 4) Looking forward to meeting some new friends! Good luck to all Smile
With God, all things are possible!

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Posted: 21 Mar 2013, 15:38
Hi. I'm Karen and I live in beautiful northern California. I have gained and lost and gained weight for over two decades, and my oldest daughter has encouraged me to try again, I hope for the last time! I'm using the South Beach diet, so I'll be paying attention to carbs. I'm going to set my goal for this 12 week stretch at 20 lbs -- more if possible. Good luck, everyone!

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Posted: 21 Mar 2013, 22:32
Hey all, my name is Kristi, i WIsH you Good Luck on your Goal.
My personal goal is 8 kg, Im 27 and still single.
Im doing this so that in my wedding day next year (probabaly) i will look GREAT (finger cross)..

Again, good luck everyone...

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Posted: 22 Mar 2013, 23:48
Hi everyone my name is Marsha and I live in Tampa Florida.. I have tried and lost weight in the past but always seem to starve myself in order to do it only to go back to my bad eating habits..

For the past month I have been working out at least 4 days a week and eating from 1200-1500 calories a day. I've also started taking supplements and combine protein shakes in my daily meal plan.. I eat 5-6 times a day and I'm hoping to lose 20-30 lbs during this challenge.

Good luck to everyone

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Posted: 23 Mar 2013, 08:47
Hi again! Wasn't sure in my first post of my goal for this challenge, so to make myself accountable I wanted to tell everyone my goal of 20 lbs. Good luck to all and have a wonderful weekend.
With God, all things are possible!

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Posted: 25 Mar 2013, 06:03
Im from the UK and looking forward to this challenge. Lost 3 stone last Summer, but a Winter of scoffing and no exercise means Im back to my original weight. So this challenge has come at just the right time.
Good Luck everyone

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Posted: 25 Mar 2013, 11:50
Hi all my name is Nina and I'm from New York, looking to lose at least 30 pounds, change the way I eat/live and just generally get to a point where I feel confident about my body no matter what I wear! Am buying running shoes today for working out in and am going to the gym tomorrow to start my life-altering journey!!! Razz

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Posted: 26 Mar 2013, 20:38
Hi Everyone. I'm Jennifer, living in Atlanta and expecting to lose 15 -20 pounds during this challenge. I have more than that to go, but I have a tendency to do well and lose weight and *ALMOST* get to a healthy BMI then give it up and gain weight again. It's so frustrating, and I know it is because I can change my behavior for a short time, but I never change myself. So this time, in addition to eating right and exercising, I plan to do some mental work - maybe call it healing? Learning to find balance, making my health as important as everything else in my life.

May I be healthy.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2013, 22:14
I am jioning this challenge.hope to feel healthier &happier by the beginning of summer. My name is barb &i hope we can succeed together

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Posted: 26 Mar 2013, 23:30
I'm new to the site but I'm eager to get going. I haven't really stuck to any weight loss plans because I never really had anyone or anything to answer to, so having challenges like this is going to be good for me.

Good luck everyone!

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Posted: 27 Mar 2013, 08:30
Hi everyone!! My name is Diane and I live the suburbs of Chicago. I'm trying to lose about 20 lbs for now and easy into losing more later. I trying to set up smaller goals so I won't be discouraged. I think with the support of other team members, we can do it!!

Good luck everyone!Smile
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Posted: 27 Mar 2013, 09:32
My name is Jennifer and I'm from Massachusetts - I've had difficulties losing weight since I started gaining as a teenager. I'm attempting to lose at least 20 pounds for now and then plan a new goal later down the road( and it seemed that a lot of people had this goal as well).

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Posted: 27 Mar 2013, 12:44
Welcome everyone!!!

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Posted: 27 Mar 2013, 16:03
My name is Wendy and I'm from South Carolina. I lost about 30 lbs a little over two years ago and used the app but not the site. I was motivated and exercising, but them had some surgeries that set me back and I unfortunately gained my weight back. I have been making every excuse why I needed to wait to start a program until whenever, but I CAN'T do that anymore. I started a couch to 5k plan a few weeks ago but did not do well with my eating so I started a meal plan with protien shakes 1 1/2 weeks ago and I'm back on track. I'm hoping to lose 15-20 lbs during this challenge period. I went to the Dominican Republic last year on a mission trip and there was a lot of hiking involved. I was so out of shape that it was difficult but doable. I said that if I had the opportunity to go back, I had to not just lose weight, but get into shape physically as well. I'm privileged to be going back so I HAVE to make good on my personal promise.

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Posted: 27 Mar 2013, 16:59
Live in Marietta GA. 43. I think this 12 week challenge will be a great way to start a new lifestyle. My cardiologist I have been seeing for over a year referred me to a bariatric surgeon today. I was shocked and embarrassed to be considered a candidate for that. My goal is to change my life without surgery. I exercise regularly but overeat dramatically and fail at diets over and over again. No more fad diets and yo yos. Just burn more and eat less.
Kathy Vanish

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Posted: 29 Mar 2013, 20:52
Hi I'm Kathy. My goal is to use this challenge to motivate me to keep trying. I hit a plateau a few weeks ago. I have lost since then, but want to keep going and thought this challenge would motivate me.
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