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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 19:54
5 for 5 for me and I gained 2lbs this week but am still in leeway and going to watch every thing that goes into my mouth and get my butt in the gym for a hard core workout tomorrow.
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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 20:13
Hey All - Missed Sodium today - High 4 for me...

TTY Soon

This is not a diet, it is about a life journey, I am committed and I will succeed!

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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 20:20
Ugh! Gained five pounds this past week. I did meet all five today so at least moving in the right direction on one thing.

Still considering buying stock in Kleenex, lol! Although, I am feeling better but Laurie pointed out I don't sound like it. Thanks love.

I slept a lot this weekend and am headed to bed soon, extra rest won't hurt anything.

Nite all!

I hope no one else comes down with this crud.


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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 20:22
Hello ladies!!! I hope we all started off our week on the right road to success. I am feeling better today then I did the other day with my weight gain. My day today was very successful.

Track- YES
Cardio- YES (20 min cardio & 2 miles) That is a total of 42 min.
Water- YES
Sodium- YES (very well under 2,000)
Fruits and veggies- YES

I had a great day today and I am feeling confident that I will loose this week. Have a good evening everyone.

"Through Christ who strengthens me- One day at a time, one meal at a time"

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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 20:31

Managed to sneak in a 50 minute bike ride after work and before supper. bf didn't join me today - he stayed at the hotel and cooked (he's such a peach!) I'm enjoying this warm weather so much I actually have a "cyclist tan" - starting to look like a raccoon Smile

Lost at least 1.6 lbs, made the mistake of jumping on the scale again after my ride and it was down another 2 lbs but that can't possibly be correct.

so, rest of my stats for the day
Track - yep
Cardio - yep 50 min
Water - yep
Sodium - yep
F&V - yep

Denise - I'm in the section of Airdrie, not too far away

Pam - do feel better soon. Rest will help alot!

Till tomorrow.....

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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 20:36
High five for me!!! 5554 steps so far. Went to the Y and walked on TM and the rode the bicycle for 1 1/2 miles. first time to ride in awhile. I only counted the steps for walking.

Goodnight all!!
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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 22:01
Give Me 5.....

2)Cardio-Y ...7301 steps
5)Fruits & Veggies-Y
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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 22:06
High Five for Team Bob!

Track - Yes
Cardio - Yes
(7571 Steps, 3.16 Miles, 7 Flights of Stairs)
Water - Yes
Sodium - Yes
F&V - Yes
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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 23:10
Evening teamies,

Quick checkin Give me a high five,y,y,y,y,y. Had day off played 2 hours of tennis and took care of all things I needed to do. So feeling good.

Cathy, j2a2morgan said she is willing to participate this is just her first challenge. I tried to explain how . Be on lookout.

Susan, Any step, bike,trike trek, hike counts. We are about movement.
Say crud!

Pam, Tyvm, U know I have my ways, Laurie
I want to be a free spirit in a grown up life!

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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 23:19
vegs and fruits yes, sodium yes, track yes, cardio yes, water yes, weigh in at 186