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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 09:05
Morning Sassies, I did pretty well yesterday and still managed 10K steps and staying in calorie range even with the cook out at the lake for my cousin's 6 yr old daughter's birthday.

Steps for Sat: 10,063
Points for Sat: 5

Going to look at the weekend challenge and see what I can do today.
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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 09:54
Good morning to you, Sarah!

The party last night was fantastic! We had great food and good times. I'm so glad we stay connected. There were two people there that we just recently located. I had not seen either of them in over 35 years.

Laurie, I am so glad that you have found someone. I can tell that he makes you happy.

My steps for yesterday were 6881 and only 1 point.

I have very few peoples's steps from Friday, so please post those along with Saturday's, if you didn't post yesterday.

I'm off to the store to get food for FMD. Be back on later.
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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 10:15
Checking in this morning. I am really swollen. I thought I hydrated enough yesterday, I did make some grubbing taco stew with a mixture of ground turkey, beef, pinto & black beans. So good. I guess that is what did it to me. Today I am going to get ready for our little holiday Smile Hope to get some hiking in, 2yrs ago when we went to Sedona I was to out of shape to hike. This yr I hope will be different.

Happy Sunday!

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 10:47
Morning all,

Anne, I am somewhat swollen today too! Must be the watermelon I had last night. Ooh! A holiday sounds wonderful, have a great time! I have had the last few days off work but have been running to various appointments so it didn't feel like a holiday from work. Enjoy!

Sherry, sounds like a great time.

Yesterday's steps- 10,047
track - y
fiber - y
strength - n
no snack - y

Looking forward to getting back on track this next challenge!


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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 11:32
Morning teamies,

Thought Id checkin before I lose the wifi. Going to ride ski jets around lake today it,s smoky and sun is hidden. Hope I,m warm enuf. Wearing a tennis skirt and bathing suit top for my swimsuit cellulite exposed. My stomach is acting up because I have a few excwptions to my plan and tummy doesnt like anymore. If i did squats as many times as I went I,d have legs of steel. I did squat in the woods with bad knees can I have bonus points? Weighin tomm yikes,Laurie
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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 12:12
Yes bonus points!!

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 13:05
Hello all

steps thurs =7942 with 4 points
Frid=7804 with 3 points
SAt= 7592 with 4 points & 23 floors of hills yahoo

Laurie jet ski away fabulous fun....

Sherry party is good times, did u dance?
Sarah bdays are fun times especially the kids ones....they love them
Anne more water...and have fun hiking, you got this...... go slow.....and pace yourself and yes hydrate while hiking too.

Home from camp, going to nap working nights tonight......
need to up my water a little more also........when I am tired I slack on it.......

cheers all enjoy your day..........

not looking forward to weigh in, but will face that scale cause I am the definer of my feelings , not the scale, it is a tool to guide me......
Denise Smile

Today I will take it 1 minute at a time !

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 15:13
Hello ladies!

Food track ~ check
Steps ~ 1205, pedo is acting funny. Every time reset it for the day and snapped it closed it went blank. ?????
Fiber ~ check
Strength/movement for yesterday ~ no, on the road most of the day and then unpacked
No snack ~ check, I think.

Can't even keep track of things these days. So busy. I think I find myself coming and going at the same time!

It will get better when I am back in my routine, I hope! Yikes!

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 15:25

Hoping to get out for a ride later today - still recouping from last nights concert/wine event. I'd love to take a nap but don't see that in my immediate future. Oh, I found my backup pedometer last night while searching for a beach bag - go figure.

Sherry - wow, friends from 35 years ago - awesome!

Anne - enjoy your holiday. Hiking in Sedona sounds fun. Hope its not too hot

Laurie - yes you do sound much happier Very Happy Have fun on the jet skis.

Denise - sleep an extra hour for me Smile

Becky - welcome home.

Will post this weekends points later when I get more organized. Off to clean up.
Have a great day!


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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 17:43
Hi all-
We too are back from the lake. I stayed at home last night but was awakened at 2:30 with the worst cramps in a looooong time. Up til 5am.

PreK orientation was a success and feeling sad that I won't be able to take the kids to first day tomorrow because I start my new job. Hope I don't cry in the morning.

Steps for Sat were 6890. I am finding I am forgetting my fitbit more lately since I am not doing the treadmill anymore but one day a week.
2 weeks left of the plan and then we will see what I do about the treadmill action again. Miss it

Well time to finish laundry and dishes and find something to wear tomorrow. Ugh I will miss my comfy shorts. LOL

Success is achieved and maintained by those who try-and keep trying!!

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 19:31
Susan hope your feeling better now..... & good luck tomorrow, heck you dont need luck they are lucky to have a sassy in their midst...

Becky chaos sometimes is good.

Rennee I naped 45 for me and 45 for you. I can share.

Denise Smile

Today I will take it 1 minute at a time !

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 19:58
Busy day today. I got my chicken barley soup and my chili made, I packed apples and blueberries for my snacks, I have steel-cut oats ground up in the blender for my smoothie and my water bottle is ready to fill up first thing in the morning. I can't wait to start!!

Happy Anniversary, Anne! Have fun!

Pam, Sometimes we need a vacation to recover from our vacation. LOL!

Laurie, Bonus points for you for sure.

Denise, We didn't dance...we had great music, but we were too busy catching up on our lives.

Becky, Welcome back!

Renee, No wine for me for 28 days. :0(

Susan, Hope you rest better tonight. Good luck tomorrow!

Have a great night everyone!
Strive for progress...not perfection!

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 21:34
Evening teamies,

On Bob,s wifi butcant sync my fitbit. Thanks for extra points. I have never had so much fun as on those jet skis.

Denise, u will conquer fmd because u are determimed.

Susan, Set a good example for the kids change is good, and everyone will have more toys,ha!

Renee, I dont know how u stay so busy and keep losing.

Becky, u will find your lull. Vaca over for me too.Sad

Sherry, Great job on the planning success is yours!

Sara,U are rocking maintenance!

Anne, Enjoy!

Pam, Great tm!

I chose to not follow my plan exactly the scale may give me some feedback tomm I dont like?!

Nite all, Laurie
I want to be a free spirit in a grown up life!

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 21:41
Very busy day. Had KFC chicken yesterday.....sodium out the window along with calories. Ate out today too. Dreading the weigh in tomorrow. Scales were up today. Sad

yesterday my steps were 11,784
3 pts. Didnt do the potty training, but did do my bike, hoop, and arm wook out.

Just taking this journey one day at a time. So glad I have a place like this to share!!!

Ladies.....hope the start of your week is fantastic!!!

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