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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 02:25
Rise and Shine!!

One more day and its August, boy the summer seems to fly by. Took a rest day yesterday so only 775 steps and 3 points for Monday. Getting ready for our mid-week jaunt back to the states - Oregon coast this time. I already planned the s'mores, figured out the carbs and calories so we shall see how I make out.

Make it a great day - lots of movement and better food choices!


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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 04:44
Morning All,

Renee, Good Morning, I agree summer seems like it was only 3 weeks who shut off the heat.. LOL..

Crazy schedule this week, will check in when I can... Mcrest at church and we volunteer.. Its a true humbling experience. These people are down on their luck and the program is a year help out that they live at different churches for the year and we give them food, showers and a place to sleep. Most of them work, just don't make enough money to gather a down payment or lost their job and don't know where to turn. It helps me remember it could be any of us.


Sunday: 10,082
Monday 6,233

Well at least this weekend I will be at home.. Yipee.. Feel like I can't get anything done..

Ok, off to work .. Enjoy everyone..

Pam - Hope you feel better.

Susan - I hate headaches, and hope you got your rain.

Denise - Congrats on the loss, Great job.

Laurie - You are one busy bee, How was the Tennis match? Can you make up flyers for your business and distribute them around your house?

Sherry - Hows the new job?

Talk to you all soon..


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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 05:41

Monday: 5 points
steps - 10,321
fiber - 38.2g
track, strength, no snack - yes^3

Renee, bummer it won't let me join the C25K challenge now that it's started :/ Maybe there will be another one, I have to watch for it.

Denise, I am from Michigan, Detroit area, have lived here all my life. for the last 18 years or so in Plymouth, my husband's hometown, about 1.5 miles from where he grew up, where his grandma still lives, and about 7 miles from my childhood home one town over. Toronto is about 4 hours drive from here, a little more depending on the border crossing. I am not much of a city person. My sibs, between the two of them, have lived in San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, NOLA, probably I am missing some, but myself, I prefer a little town! Very Happy

Have a good one!


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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 06:57
Food track ~ check
Steps ~ 25,163 I knew it would be high since I worked, went to 9R, and then came home to do some things around the house and then took a 4+ mile walk with my neighbor. WOW! Think this is my highest number ever!
Strength ~ check
Fiber ~ no
No snack ~ check

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who stengthens me."

"First we form habits; then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you." ~ Robert Gilbert

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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 06:58
Morning everyone,

Monday - 3 points

steps - 4,132
fiber - n only 15g
track - y
strength - n
no snack - y

Donna what a wonderful program, you in turn will be blessed.

Time to get this work day started, so it is off I go....


Still have a headache this morning, hoping this coffee will help.

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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 07:07
Meg, I was going to try again with C25K to get myself ready for Aug 31st. However, I am beginning to have doubts that I will be able to do the 5K now. My knee is not getting too much better. I walked alot yesterday hoping that the movement would keep it from getting stiff. That's not really working for me. I guess I am going to have to rely on advil....

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who stengthens me."

"First we form habits; then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you." ~ Robert Gilbert

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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 08:32
Becky doubt nnot, go for it...even if you do only half who cares, try it....

Morning everyone, sunny and beautiful , not hot, but nto so cold...

Donna I agree who turned off the heat, funny we complain when it is too hot then when it is cold I do too.....ok how about medium.....
and about the church, wow I am so glad that your church does that. yes they and you are blessed.

Meg nice pic glad to finally see you.

Renee have a good travel day.

Pam don't work too hard.....

today off to bathing suit shop after I have a coffee. ugh trying on clothes is not a fun passtime for me.....but I am in need of one more. I only have one and if something happens to it, I am out of luck.

steps Mond= 9381 and points 4

off to tackle the day. Smile
Denise Smile

Today I will take it 1 minute at a time !

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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 10:36
Morning all,

As I suspected I'm not doing much tracking of anything or able to check posts while away. I'll be home in one week.

* I am VERY proud of the food choices I have been making, and this will be the first visit to family without weight gain Smile
* I am proud to say I've kept up with my marathon training while away, and am enjoying the faster pace I can do without the Atlanta hills.

Denise - I just bought my first non "skirt" swim bottom in over 5 years last week. I was so afraid to try it on I didn't until I got home. But all my hard work is paying off and it looked great! Have fun and get something fabulous.

Becky - At the race, no one will care if you do walk/run intervals. Take a pain reliever 30 minutes to an hour before and enjoy how much you have accomplished! And in case it will help, try this: or his deep hip opening class (I get knee pain from running due to the tight tendons and muscles, so this really helps me)


May I be healthy.
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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 11:41
Happy Tuesday ladies! Spent most of last night alternating icepack & heating pad on my neck & it's some better, but still that weird tingling down my arm.


Danielle-no, absolutly nothing fun...just sleeping...alone!

Brenda-school already?!?!

Renee-oh, s' um

Donna-that sounds like a wonderful program

Pam-get rid of that headache

Denise-cool & no sun here, but I'm NOT complaining!

Becky-if you can't run it, walk it. I have all my walk routes planned with rest stops.

Laurie-coffee's ready!

Work now, tty later,

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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 13:50
Good afternoon Sassies! Well I was up .2 this morning. I guess I can't complain after that damage I did over the weekend! O well. I have been eating clean these past couple days so hopefully things will start moving in the right direction soon.

I got up this morning and walked on the TM for 30 mins at a pretty brisk pace. After that I did the Sassy abs! Now it was torture because I'm STILL sore from the weekend challenge that I did on Thursday! I'm usually not this sore for so long but I got it done. I aimed to do 3 sets of Sassie Abs but my body shut down after 2 lol. My abs were screaming at me to stop! hahahaha. Even now sitting at my desk, the abs feel tight. I know I better have a ripped stomach underneath all of this fat!!! hahahaha

Tonight is Extreme Weight Loss! I can not wait! I love that show and it always inspires me to get moving. So I may enjoy a slow walk on the TM while I watch.

Track: Y
Steps: 6104
Strength: Y
Fiber: Y
No snack: N (had a spoonful of peanut butter to stop the tummy from growling!)
Total: 4 points!

Quitting is NOT an option!

SW: 300.2: 5/2016
CW: See ticker
GW: 199.9


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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 15:20
Hello Sassies!

Donna, good for you for volunteering! That is awesome. I am still waiting for a start date from the credit union. They should be calling anytime.

Meg, YAY! Finally a pic of you. I have 2 brothers that live in Michigan in the Detroit area. One is in Sterling Heights and the other is in Westland. Do you know any Hartbargers? That is my maiden name.

Pam, Hope you are feeling better. I sent you an email.

Danielle, Extreme Weight Loss is one of my favs, too.

We have begun our journey to the Capitols. We will go to 48 capitols and Washington,DC. We have left Augusta, Maine and are on our way to Montpelier, Vermont. It is 180 miles.If anyone wants to give information on either of these, please feel free to do so.

I will update the finish of our hometown walk as soos as I get Laurie's steps and points for Sunday.

Everyone have a great day!
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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 15:27
My steps for Monday were 5097 and 5 points.
Strive for progress...not perfection!

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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 16:35

Sorry I have been having trouble with fitbit wont let me go to previous days. I,ll try on main computer. Checking, Laurie

Here it is:
Su 5 pts and 20,795
Mo 5 pts and 10,313
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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 17:49
Evening Sassies,

Points for Mon: 5
Steps for Mon: 11,230

No Zumba tonight since we got about 5 inches of rain and the studio was flooded. I'll get to see the whole episode of Extreme weight loss instead of just the last hour of it.
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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 18:20
Ok Sassies,

The top steppers and pointers this week are...

1. Sarah - 83,699 Very Happy
2. Becky - 80,999 Smile
3. Laurie - 79,176 Cool
4. Susan - 77,330 Razz
5. Pam - 71,475 Wink

1. Sarah - 35 Very Happy
2. Kat - 34 Smile
3. Becky - 34 Cool
4. Meg - 33 Razz
5. Laurie - 33 Wink

Congratulations everyone!

Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Since we began our Sassy Hometown Walk on 4/1, we have walked 10,596,732, which is 5267 miles. Wow! Over 10 million steps!! That is awesome!! Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
Strive for progress...not perfection!

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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 18:43
wow, wow, wow! look at those steps! Smile amazing!

Sherry, I don't think I know any Hartbargers. Used to work in Sterling Heights and Westland is just a few miles away.

Jennifer, congrats on the good food choices while with family, that is so hard! And thanks for the reassurance to Becky about doing walk intervals at a race. That makes me feel better, too.

Denise, hope you found a suit that suits you. :


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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 18:44
hey hey what is shaking ladies!

lots of mindful steps bathing suit shopping. ugh the on off thing with clothes sucks....... but like I mentioned on fitbit,
the mirror gaev me a real look many times over ont he areas to improve and it gave me real look to appreciate the areas I have changed with my journey. so all in all a good experience.....
and one new suit and a bottom have a back up to my fav I always wear...............cannot argue comfy..........

I want to watch that show I have to go look for it......
cheers Smile
Denise Smile

Today I will take it 1 minute at a time !
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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 19:30
Evening Sassy Ones! I am suffering from terminal brain death FULL water bottle has been sitting right next to me all day...& I forgot to drink!! UGH! Oh well, drinking now...will be floating through PT tonight, but really hope Monica can get the kinks out of my neck!
What a lot of steps we've taken! In more ways than one!
Congrats to all the steppers & pointers.

Gotta go, tty tomorrow,

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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 20:46
Hi all-
Been busy all day. Swim class, lunch with the kids and then both got haircuts!

Steps for Monday-11,596 and 2 points

I'm tired. Night
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Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 21:17
Good Evening!!
Put my stepper on today and tracked 12,043 steps. (just at work)
Yes, this "Balanced Calendar" we start school TOO early! We have 2 weeks off during October, December, and March (or April)....haven't checked that far ahead yet.

Movement...yes, 35 min stationary bike and 15 min hoop and steps
Strength...yes, 19.5!!! With the "Diary Queen Incident" I wasn't eating another thing!
3 pts for me

Really tired tonight.


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