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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 18:58
Hey All,

Laurie, First, thanks for the write up on your home town.. Guess we got use to reading everyone's post.. I'm truly sorry we didn't make any comments.

I can see where you walk, live and truly reside.. What a wonderful place to live.. I sometimes wish we lived more North than in the city, but I have to tell you that I truly am a city girl... Can't even imagine going 20 or 20+ minutes to a store.. LOL.. PS.. You are never lost, we will always tell you where to GO........LOL... You are a Sassy don't you forget it..

Susan - I will check it out, everyone needs a lift now and then..LOL

Renee - Enjoy your bike ride, what a great BFF planning it out..

Brenda - Great job keeping track of all that is placed in your mouth.. It is amazing when you write down everything.

Pam - Great Steps yesterday... You going to beat it today?

Denise - I forgot about the stair push ups.. I will do those tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

Yesterday Totals:

Steps: 5,332, 4 points - had a plum after dinner, that one gets me everytime.


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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 19:41
Evening Sassy Ones! I'm gonna nominate my therapist Monica as an honorary Sassy. I was doing leg work on the Reformer, & she DIDN'T TELL ME I WAS DOING 20LB resistance til AFTER I had finished the reps! Sneaky Sassy that one...& that was AFTER kwe added 2 new ab exercises again! Lots of new exercises I can do at home...& boy are my legs tired!

Brenda-try frozen grapes & frozen blueberries...yum.

Heading for home, tty tomorrow.

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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 20:31
Hey Sassies!

Sorry I am so late. It's been a busy day. I wanted to get to the Y, but I didn't get the chance.

Meg, I always hate when I have to weigh on a different scale. It seems like I always weigh more...

Danielle, I also watched Extreme Weight Loss. Can you believe her mother. What a B**ch. LOL!

Laurie, So sorry that you are feeling down. You know we are here for you. Love you, Roomie!! {{hugs}} Wink

Anne, hope you are feeling better!!

Susan, I definitely appreciate the info on the bra. I desperately need one.

Everyone have a good evening!
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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 20:33
Almost forgot...Steps were 4171 and 5 points.
Strive for progress...not perfection!

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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 20:35
Just did a great workout! Started off with a 30 min walk/jog on the treadmill, then 3 sets of Sassie legs (including the optional squat jacks), 150 step ups, and finally a 5 min cool down on the treadmill. Did all that in an hour! I'm a sweaty mess!

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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 21:46
Evening sassies,

Thank u for all the support, u saved me today. I felt the love and it was well received. I had three dates, liked guys personality, he was well off but he kept disrespecting me with totally inappropriate actions Texts,etc. Setting boundaries have always been a problem for me since growing up with controlled alcoholic.(dad who I love) Date said I couldnt change him. I said I,m just being true to myself,not trying to change u. Life changes and I signed off coffee please, like I do here. In the meantime I mentioned to client situation, she knew two women who dated him who had same problem. Since he thought I wanted to talk over coffee he thought he had me where he wanted me. He emailed I have a problem with your comment u don,t want to be a knotch on my headboard then why are you talking to me if u think I,m that kind of a guy. I said, Exactly I was thinking same thing. I need to trust my intuition. Respect self! Sometimes I,m a little naive, may you find peace of mind and love. I,ll move on, Laurie. Don,t think he saw that one coming. Sassies and info from client godsend. I,m sharing this because I have such a hard time dating. I thought maybe I found someome to hang with,I would really like that. I didn,t settle and I was true to myself the whole time. I don,t know if I could have done it without my team. It takes a village to date. Didn,t turn to food once. I did slack off on my exercise. Tomm. I,ll be full on sass,Laurie

Donna, Thanks for telling me like it is. Missed that!!

Renee, Fall it is Smile

Susan, I have one then switched to maidenform since I have small breasts.

Becky, Meg, Love the squirrels!!

Sarah, Late oorah!!

Kat, Coffee please, saved me from a scary relationship who knew. I,ll drink to that.

Danielle, Dang I missed that I wanted to see that episode. I was at tennis and I had critical parents. Maybe can watch on tablet.

Pam, tyvm for listening

Denise, tyvm for making me feel normal.

Sherry, I need a roomie.

Anne, Where did u live again up here? Missed u.

Brenda, Way to be aware.

I will sleep good tonight thanks!!
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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 22:12
Hey All -

I had 1 point yesterday with 8750 steps give or take.
Today was 1 point - no steps (running day).

One house guest successfully dropped off at the airport today, driving 800 miles tomorrow to drop off the other - and spending a week with family. I don't know that daily accounting or staying updated on everyone's posts is going to happen.

Enjoy the weekend.

May I be healthy.

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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 22:16
Jenn, all steps count especially running. Do what works for you. I would definitely need to be accountable if I was with my family,lol.

You,ve done great with your schedule. Laurie
I want to be a free spirit in a grown up life!

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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 22:33
Laurie, he sounds like the guy I dated once last year...the one that got angry because I wouldn't watch a football game at his house on our second date. We don't need men like that.

When I first got divorced, I dated some bad guys. It took me awhile to learn that someone is not always better than no one. Now I have much more respect for myself.

Wish I was there with you. We would drink wine and exercise. LOL!!
Strive for progress...not perfection!

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Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 00:11
I,m drinking and exercising virtually, heres to us!!
I want to be a free spirit in a grown up life!

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Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 01:01
Sherry those are words to live by! I had a drink too right after my run Smile