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Posted: 09 May 2013, 18:46
40 for me too. I need to do my ellip later. I spent today catching up on the first 2 days strength. Still need to do wed and today.
Kat Files

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Posted: 09 May 2013, 19:29
Evening Sistas! I am one tired Sassy right now...crazy busy today to the point that I forgot to get up & move for an hour & when I did...everything said OUCH! Finally got lose & feel fine now.
I may try just regular squats, not allowed to do lunges.

Susan & Sherry-did you 2 leave anything in the grocery store for me? I'm on my way there now.

TTY tomorrow.

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Posted: 09 May 2013, 20:27
Ok so I have some motivation. My 30 year class reunion is in Sept. I would love, I mean love to drop 25 pounds. Back in Jan of 2012 I lost 27 pounds in 3 months, so I know I can do it.

Kat never made it to the store. I'll do it tomorrow when the kids are in school!! Then I won't buy crappy stuff. LOL

night all
Success is achieved and maintained by those who try-and keep trying!!

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Posted: 09 May 2013, 20:37
Evening all,

I am bushedm, beat and exhausted, Wood is done yahooooooooo 15 cords stacked and drying for winter,. we are like a squirrel stashing for next winter already...haahhahah

I did the squats each time I picked up wood 10 x each hour for 5 hrs = 50 squats....

Anne I started by putting a chair behind me........then go to sit but DO NOT touch your bum on the seat go as close to it then slowly raise and squeeze your bum that is how I started to learn a proper squat and never knees over ankles....that is bad for the knees.

ok tomorrow is a nice long treadmill walk, I need one.........
then errands , then camp tomorrow night. If I do not get called in I have baby Lux over night, son and gf will go on a date.....I hope I do not get called in...........I enjoy having her around. she is so cute
10 mths is alot of work......but fun......

well sleep tight I am done like dinner and heading to bed.......

Sandra yes we miss you, travel safe.................

Susan how many tomorrow do we do for squats?

Denise Smile

Today I will take it 1 minute at a time !

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Posted: 09 May 2013, 21:23
Evening sassies,

Had a better day. Walked dog in hills. Did my strength shoulders and abs hurt so good. That air biking is a killer with proper form.

Anne, when u do the squats just make sure u use proper form. Keep weight in heels, should be able to lift toes,strong core and shoulders back and down. Wider stance is sometimes easier and my link has video with proper form. Only go as far as u can with proper form. When my legs are tired I use exercise ball or bed to squat down to. If u did your elliptical first it,s usually easier to squat and could just do a bunch of shallow squats. Also I just remembered do u have an exercise ball -- u put it behind your back against a wall and squat down so much easier.

Sherry, How are u doing with plan, did u do complete workout everyday?

Sarah, I love my last bad habit coffee. Good for you on your drink. What is it made out of?

Denise, How much wood could a sassy stack if a sassy had sassies stacking wood?

Pam, Thanks for the advice. Looks like I might get deal worth staying for.

Susan Squat Queen, How is the burn?

I,ve heard Vit. C helps with bruising. I call them old lady marks. I,ve got some. I know ibuprophen or cumidin increases bruising.

Chanda, whats your new job?

Donna, Did u get the money Denise left!! Sassies are family, show me the money.

Got 5 points for today and will have 6000 steps and 27 floors hoot!

Back to Dentist on Mon,feeling good now, Laurie

I want to be a free spirit in a grown up life!

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Posted: 09 May 2013, 22:00
It is actually a rest day for squats but on Sat it is 120!!! Feel the burn.
Laurie I actually don't hurt anymore. Day 9 and I feel pretty good!

Need sleep.....................cya
Success is achieved and maintained by those who try-and keep trying!!