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Posted: 16 Jan 2012, 10:02
Hi all!

I have just been for my first run for this challenge, and I feel great!

I struggle with cold/exercise induced asthma, but my inhaler contains miracle powder which means I got through my run without even noticing my asthma, and it was dark, -1 degree C and snowing as well!

This summer I learned to run. At that point I had not ran for 9 years, last time I ran I was in secondary school, and I would only run if forced too. This summer I started following the C25K program but switched to intervals when the C25K started having intervals of different length because that really didnt work for me. I kept up running 3 times a week until the beginning of August, and could at that point complete 4 laps of 6 minute running with 3 minute breaks.

The run I did today was MUCH easier than the first time I ran week one of C25K, but I am glad we started out doing 1 minute laps, that meant I could complete them!

Id love to hear your stories of why you all have joined this challenge, and I am sure to keep posting in this thread after each run, I for one need to be kept accountable.

My run schedule will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 02:35
Hello all!
I have actually started running on January 1st, So I am a little ahead of pace but really like the pace they have set up. That is real close to what I have been doing so far this year. Good luck to everyone!

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Posted: 21 Jan 2012, 01:08
So I did go for my run on wednesday, it was icy but with my spikes on it was fine, I probably ran slower that I would otherwise, but I ran more that the intervals said, anytime I noticed the cold I would switch to running in my rest periods, which meant I probably ran about half the time.

Yesterday (friday) the Ice was even worse and walking as not great even with spikes, so I did not run at all. I will however concider this first week a success. I ran twice in conditions that would normally keep me inside and I will run today or sunday if the weather permits it.

I dont like that the challenge "result" is only based on weight loss, I am at maintenance, and as the challenge started I was at a low weight, and my weight will keep hovering in that general area, but I guess it will be up one week and down the next so no worries really.