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I apologize for my absence
Hi Everyone! I'm thrilled to see a lot of you are attempting to tackle this challenge. I confess I have been MIA and could bore you with a bunch of excuses; but I won't. I'm happy to report ...
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started by mamistewart, 5 years ago.   
0 to 5K App
I actually got a head start and Started training last week. I have a 0 to 5K phone app and it tells me when to walk and when to run. Yesterday I completed Week 1 Day 2! :)
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Side stiches?
As in, how do you prevent those? I've been getting them when I do multiple short distances; i.e. like 3 400m runs. Longer slower ones I seem to be alright.
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started by ktexp2, 5 years ago.   
Sucess for week 1!
:) I ran a total of 3.25 miles this week. 1.53 miles at a pace of 11:34 1.53 miles at a pace of 13:59 and I ran/and walked 3.2 miles at a pace of 16:19 Tomorrow starts week two and I have a 30 minute ...
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started by alisauva, 5 years ago.   
Making Progress
Today I warmed up for 20 minutes, then walked/ran for 30 minutes, cooled down for 10 minutes. During the 30 minutes of walk/run, I walked 55 seconds, then ran for 1:05 for a total of 16:15 minutes of ...
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started by paulag1955.   
How fast do you run?
I've learned a valuable lesson today... Run slower. I am on week 5 of the Couch 2 5k plan. The most I have run before, in one go, was 5 minutes, and it nearly killed me. Today I had to run 2 lots ...
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How do you get your results included in the list?
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Pulled Calf Muscle
I pulled my calf muscle on Saturday while doing a clinic with my horse, (hadn't been on a horse for training purposes in 6months), so now the rest of my sore muscles are good but my left calf muscle ...
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started by Krhfy6.   
The Challenge Goal...
May be a little ambitious for me, but I'm hoping this will motivate me to focus on being able to run for a continuous mile.
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Is there something specific we are supposed to do for week one in order to meet the requirements of the challenge? Is it run three times?
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How to Get Started?
I am new to running and I have a tried it once before and felt like I was dying. Is there a specific plan to go by for so many minutes and then walk so many minutes the first week,..then the ...
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so happy
I got the couch to 5k app about a week ago and started with just doing half the first week exercise. I was fasting so I didn't want to do to much. But I'm so happy to have this challenge to ...
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started by Krhfy6, 5 years ago.   
Strava App
Hi all, I just downloaded Strava last night onto my phone with view to doing this challenge (free). It uses GPS to track the distance that you have run, your average pace and the exact route covered. ...
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started by skinny2Byummymummy, 5 years ago.