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Spinning CD's
Hi everyone...I have been getting into spinning CD's...I either watch that or a Springsteen CD! Depends on my mood!! Can anyone suggest some good CD's to purchase?? I am using the spinning CD ...
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started by melanie.newcomer, 5 years ago.   
week 2 down
Okay....week 2 down and today I was able to finish my week with 100 miles down...200 done...Now if only I could get my diet under control...its coming along...slowly.... today in spinning class we really ...
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started by melanie.newcomer.   
Day 1
GPS feed. I have a Garmin GPS, but you can use a smartphone app. I like to use Strava. One reason is it lets you hide actual start and finish points on the Web. (Helps prevent bike theft). I recommend ...
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First day
Hi. Its Monday in New Zealand a day before USA so started this morning. First time on a bike for ages but managed 10.5 miles so pretty pleased.
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started by stuzza.   
This challenge is GREAT!
this challenge is really inspiring me. 22kms today (13.5 miles) and I am loving it. There's no way I would have even contemplated cycling that far without this challenge so thanks heaps for motivating ...
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started by stuzza.   
Cycle to work
As i am new to this site this is an ideal challenge for me.Having used the cycle to work scheme to purchase a new bike Last year its a good opportunity for me to get back in the saddle now the weather ...
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started by mobungo.   
Combination indoor & outdoor cycling!!!
Looking forward to this new challenge! Will try to ride every other day---weather permitting outside with mountain & urban bikes or inside with my spinning bike. Let´s get this challenge star ...
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started by skinnysoul.   
LOVE my stationary bike!!!
I love riding my stationary bike! I am looking forward to this challenge!:d
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started by PinkRose88.   
New Cycling Challenge!
This is very similar to other cycling challenges out there. It's just that I missed the chance to join the others and so I started one myself. Hope to see people joining to keep me on track and pr ...
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started by PineLakeChic, 5 years ago.