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Checking in
Just wanted to check in and see how your challenge is going? Are you sticking with the routine? Do DFW's arms hurt? Will Thynes continue the challenge while on vacation?
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started by Rhodes1970, a year ago.   
How is everyone doing?
Just checking in to see how the challenge is going? We are only a few days in so I am sure there are a few people that are a bit sore and others that are rocking through it. I myself feel a difference ...
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started by Rhodes1970, a year ago.   
Would love some buddies
Hi, I am currently trying to lose 100+ pounds and would love to connect with people. I can support you and I would also love some support. I'm a stay at home mom to three children under five. My days ...
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Anything is better than nothing
Remember that doing 20 push-ups in a day is not a failure. The idea is to do as many as you can so 5 push-ups at a time 5 times per day is great. The only failures are not doing it at all. At the same ...
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Getting Started
Got it done...even added lunges...been under the weather so this was not easy, but hoping I am on the up swing!!
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started by cristyhall.   
Today is the day...
I know it starts in 15 hours but Knocked out 70 of my push-ups and 50 crunches this morning...
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Thanks for creating
I hope this can really help my bingo wings I now have the target of my wedding and WANT to succeed
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started by StaceiB.   
Looking for motivation
Hi there! I've never actually joined a challenge before, looking forward to trying this out. Hoping that this gives me the motivation to challenge myself more!
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started by anlaith.