Challenge Forum: Wednesday goals and victories

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Posted: 03 Sep 2008, 09:22
Good morning,
This is a quiet bunch! Please feel free to reply to the postings on your daily victories and how you are pushing yourself toward progress this week. It helps a lot to journal it out.

For me, this morning I weighed the same as I have all week at 143. Tomorrow is my weekly recorded weigh in (last week's was 142.) Hoping to be at that or lower. This morning I walked the kids to school as usual, then added in some brief sprints of racing against my son while he was on his bike. I will be heading to the gym this morning for weights and the elliptical. I'm feeling good about my efforts for the week and would like to show a loss, but if muscles are getting toned up more, there may not be one to show for it. 3 more days total to get in your exercise, so if you haven't, you will definately want to put in some time today! Have a great day!