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Posted: 01 Sep 2008, 22:35
Hey FS buddies!
Let's make real progress toward our goals in this short Push Week Challenge. If you join, this week you will commit to:

1. Focus on healthy eating- mainly natural, unprocessed foods. Go with higher protein and fiber at each meal, lower on the carbs and sugars. Strive for veggies and/ or a salad at each meal.

2. Eat consciously! This means fork down between every bite. Take it slow and enjoy what you are eating. Stop eating when you think you are getting full!!

3. NO sneaking bites or standing while eating this week! No cheating while making the kids food! Every bite must be eaten intentionally while sitting down!

4. Exercise 4 hours b/w Monday-Friday. This should include:
*2 hours cardio- step it up a notch
*1 hour of weights- again step it up
*1 hour of floor exercise and toning

Weigh in on Monday and again on Friday morning. Check in with each other to encourage each other this week. We can do this!!