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Thanks for joining this challenge!
Hey there, I just wanted to say thanks to you all for joining this challenge. I hope it was helpful in pushing yourself harder to reach your fitness goals. I intend to do another push week challenge ...
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started by livelifefully, 9 years ago.   
Thursday goals and victories
How is everyone's Thursday gone? Has the challenge helped push you along to your fitness goals? It has for me. In fact I headed to the gym tonight for an extra workout. Normally I don't go ...
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started by livelifefully, 9 years ago.   
Wednesday goals and victories
Good morning, This is a quiet bunch! Please feel free to reply to the postings on your daily victories and how you are pushing yourself toward progress this week. It helps a lot to journal it out. For ...
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started by livelifefully, 9 years ago.   
Tuesday goals and victories
Today we should all be working toward our 4 hours of exercise to be completed by Friday. Between yesterday and today you will want to have about an hour completed. Log in any victories you have made ...
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started by livelifefully.   
Push Week Challenge Guidelines
Hey FS buddies! Let's make real progress toward our goals in this short Push Week Challenge. If you join, this week you will commit to: 1. Focus on healthy eating- mainly natural, unprocessed foods. ...
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started by livelifefully, 9 years ago.   
Good Morning!
Hi Ladies! The Push Week challenge doesn't officially start for 14 more hours according to my FS clock, I guess since I set it up later in the day? Not sure on that. But, I am starting this morning ...
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started by livelifefully.