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Posted: 17 Jan 2013, 12:01
hi, i already started p90x but i am finding it increcible hard, this is my second week, meaning that next monday will be my third, but i have only done about 3 worouts, i dont intend to start on monday again on week one because it feels like im always starting, so i hope to end this week and to find it less difficult with other people that i know will be doing this journey as well. even if we are a bit unsync lol.

hope to finish my yoga workout today :/
Hi, i am a 29 yeard old woman who has been fat... well since i can remember but that's enough, acording my bone structure and genes i can't be a size 00, (not that i want to look like a skeletor), but i can be skinny and curby. I want to feel beutiful and sexy, i'm young and tired of having a low selfsteme.