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Announcement: Welcome!
Thank you for joining me on this challenge. I know it looks a bit difficult but we can do it. Remember to focus on form, try to do all of your daily squats in one setting, and most of all don't give ...
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Formula to see how many calories you are burning during this challenge
Just wanted to share this with everyone. There is a formula for determining how many calories you burn while doing squats. I have included it below. (your wieght in lbs) x (.096) = ( calories burned per ...
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I made it!
Yay! I actually did 21 squats today! A miracle at might weight! Thanks to everyone the past week before the challenge started, helping me get my form so I could actually make it to 21. I'm excited!!
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How can I put squats in my exercise diary?
Just did my first 20 squats and trying to figure out how to put them in my exercise diary. Any suggestions? :)
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where to post
Keep loosing track....where do you go to post you completed day 3?
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Did it!
Since I don't weigh in very often I will report my squats on this thread. Eveyone is welcome to add their "did it!" every day! So... I did all my squats for Day 1 and Day 2.
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how to show i did it?!?
it is before coffee, but how do i show i did the challenge- what do i click on?:| :?:
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help for knee... pain
I'm looking for advice to do the squats without getting the knee pain i get when i run. i really think i can do the squats as long as i don't get too low. but does anyone have any other advice ...
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1st day squat challenge
did my 20 squats today
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I could only do 10 the first day
i started early, and i could only do 10 the first day. i am up to 15 now. I hope i can do 20 tomorrow on day one. yikes...:o
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I have already started to do squats in March so I am ready to go!!!!
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