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Week 4 far so good?
I really like this challenge. So far so good. I was so tempted earlier this week but remembered that I needed to give account of how successfully I have followed this challenge and more importantly, ...
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started by Princess Mola.   
Week 2 far so good?
Well, day 2 of week 2, so far so good for me. The temptation will always be there but would I fall for it?? NOOOOO!!:lol:
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started by Princess Mola.   
Lets get ready to rumble
Been practicing the no bread thing for a week in preperation of this challenge. Not so bad so far. Going gluten free as close to possible and hope to lose a bunch of weight. Gave up beer also. That ...
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started by bwana.   
Bread substitutes???
I absolutely LOVE bread and I know that I eat way too much of it. So, I am willing to try this challenge out but I need some healthy bread substitutes for my turkey burgers! lol My coworker suggested ...
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Going strong....
so far ... so good
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started by aquarius02.   
Don't Miss Starch
I feel so good since I have been following the Paleo Diet and have not been eating bread, grains or starches, and it's amazing how much better I feel. I hope everything stays strong on this chall ...
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started by Nancy Yoakum, 5 years ago.   
I've recently realized that bread and grains make me feel bloated. It's really amazing.
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started by birdmadgirl, 5 years ago.   
No bread
I have no pain in my legs
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started by Nazo Ishaq .   
Going into the THIRD week of low carb
I've kept under 25 carbs for over 2 weeks now and feel great, and I've lost 8 lbs!! This challenge will be easy for me. I've had no pasta, bread or rice in nearly three weeks!
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started by MommyDoc.   
No more bread
I am going to give this no bread challenge my best shot. I usually give up chocolate for Lent, but this time it will be no bread. I am 50% Ukrainian so this will definitely be a challenge for me. Good ...
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started by Hnj lady.   
Bread thing will be easy
I'm not a big bread eater unless I eater a sandwich. My husband and I drive a truck and so during the day there is at least one sandwich. I will just try replacing the bread with thick lettuce.
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started by Tonya Palmer, 5 years ago.   
I I wasn't going to do this challenge, but my friend talker into it. The main reason I was against it is because I work in a field and have no source of electricity / refrigeration. I usually just ...
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started by Kimberly Niko.   
Excited about the challenge!!!!
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Carb Free for 8 days
For those concerned about this challenge, I have done the no simple carb thing before for months at a time. If you are a really big fan of sandwiches or bread in general, it helps to make meals that n ...
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started by sourlemon789.   
Piece of "cake" :)
I actually have not touched any bread for almost half a year... it's gonna be easy
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started by lietadlo, 5 years ago.