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I messed up so bad the past 2 nights
The night before last at like 11:00 pm I ate a huge ham and cheese croissant lol and last night I ate jack in the box new jalapeno burger with onion rings and fries with ranch....totally regret it gain ...
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started by Jazmaine, 5 years ago.   
I'll miss Peanut Butter!
I love peanut butter on toast (x4) every morning :?. I'm gonna break my addiction to it and ice cream with this challenge
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started by Hastings74.   
think about the summer bodies we'll be able to bronze off in the sun after completing this challenge?!! Com'mon guy's 'n' gal's, keep positive and remember, in less than 4 weeks ...
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started by MrJsHarley, 5 years ago.   
This is gonna suck
was such a fat cow during my pregnancy. All I wanted was burgers and ranch lol! but this challenge will be well worth it :)
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started by Jazmaine, 5 years ago.   
What im gonna eat after this!!! Even white bread is in the list
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started by 441997, 5 years ago.   
Game on
hi everyone, thank you for starting this challenge. fast food is by far my biggest issue so meeting the challenge will make a huge difference. good luck! tb
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started by trixabella 123, 5 years ago.