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Posted: 13 Oct 2009, 12:50
I started cutting ANY food or drinks out (but water) 3 months ago, then switched to 7pm a month after. It has GREATLY helped with my weight-loss, and after a while, it becomes so easy! I just wanted to say that anyone thinking about this challenge should really do it.

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Posted: 13 Oct 2009, 14:50
After looking at my scale this morning, I realized that eating at night kills my weight loss. Not the calorie splurge (if there is one), but simply eating at night! I can eat 1200 calories both days, but the day that I eat past 8pm is the day that won't show a weight loss the next day. Weird how my body works.

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Posted: 13 Oct 2009, 14:55
I have the same problem. I snack at night because I am bored. That is probably my biggest issue. I could show a weight loss throughout the day but after eating junk at night I notice it is right back to where it was before. If you need support I am here Smile
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Posted: 15 Oct 2009, 09:30
Thanks for making this challenge! I have an easy time staying within my limits during the day, and its usually in front of the tv at night when I go over. I know the first few days will be hard, but I am looking forward to overcoming this obstacle.

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Posted: 15 Oct 2009, 12:36
i once heard to help not eat so late at night you should brush your teeth after your last meal or snack for the night

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Posted: 15 Oct 2009, 21:09
Eating late at night makes me hungry in the morning... so lets not even go there. Come on, Team We Ate Before Eight!! (aha.... excuse my corniness)

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Posted: 16 Oct 2009, 14:09
I tried to keep myself busy after 7 until bed time the first month. That way I didn't get bored and eat. And when I got hungry I'd pour myself a big glass of water and chug it. Made me full without eating. Good luck everyone! This could be a big change for a lifetime.
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Posted: 17 Oct 2009, 12:50
Oh man, Day one of no eating after 8! I better start going to bed earlier.

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Posted: 24 Oct 2009, 13:44
I am having a rough time with this! I really want to break this habit, because I know eating at night is what is really keeping this weight on. I didn't do very well the firt week, but am going to recommit myself and try harder in the second week!