Mini-Challenge - Only water or diet drinks after 8pm!



No diet foods, no sugar free candy...try to train your body not to crave at night.

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 4 44% Successful
Week 3 48% Successful
Week 2 70% Successful
Week 1 70% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 08 Nov 09 by Wellness
"I can't resist the temptation..."
Failed: 08 Nov 09 by suekozin
"we are travelng to the winter site, not eating as much,but more snacks ..."
Failed: 05 Nov 09 by proudnavyaowife
"I have been guilty of snacking on halloween candy lol. "
Failed: 04 Nov 09 by mariah1974
"In the last 3 weeks I have slipped maybe 3 times.."
Failed: 02 Nov 09 by pnaybabygirl18
"darn it i came from a meeting and had to eat after 8 :("
Failed: 28 Oct 09 by Lateeduh
"Oh man... why couldn't we change it to 9pm? Boo... good job to everyone ..."
Successful: 27 Oct 09 by Nola1322
"I'm really doing it. Not eating those 3 hrs or so before bed is huge for ..."
Successful: 26 Oct 09 by RECCY
"This very hard "
Successful: 26 Oct 09 by Chantelle H
"again a huge struggle while everyone around you snacks at ..."
Successful: 24 Oct 09 by DashDan
"I have been staying away from food after 8 (even though it was hard at ..."
Successful: 23 Oct 09 by ktalbee
"It's way easier to lose if you don't eat after 8pm!"
Failed: 22 Oct 09 by chatoh4486
"my girlfriend came home and she brought 100 calorie triple fudge brownies. ..."
Failed: 21 Oct 09 by wantonfrolicking
"Evening meeting, where dinner didn't get served until 9. "