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I started cutting ANY food or drinks out (but water) 3 months ago, then switched to 7pm a month after. It has GREATLY helped with my weight-loss, and after a while, it becomes so easy! I just wanted to ...
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started by jeimygirl.   
oh my god..
so for the past few days i was good and drank my water after 8 pm. no food at all, in fact, i wasnt even all that hungry. but yesterday! my god! i was full and had my dessert right before 8. i watched ...
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started by iammyself.   
doing ok
Last night it was actually 5 minutes after 8 before I finished my snack, sooooo, I guess that is a fail this week. Darn it.:?
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started by DLAndrews, 8 years ago.   
Haven't eaten any Food, but I slipped and sipped.
Guy's it so easy not to eat after 8, but the drinking is where I slipped. I slipped and sipped on some iced green tea that was not diet. Note to self get all sugar drinks out of my house they are ...
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started by Sha34.   
first day was horrible.:oops: ..i couldn't stop myself. But today i took a step to avoid eating .i will manage it gradually. today i took low cal mixed vegetable at night 8.30 pm. whenever i feel ...
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started by butterfly9393, 8 years ago.   
I forgot the challenge started yesterday, but the good news is...I didn't snack after 8 anyway. I started eating dinner a little later, so I'm not so hungry. :d
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started by DLAndrews.   
No food after 8!
:evil: Forgot what time it was today when I started making dinner, trying to be honest with everyone, including myself, ate dinner at 9pm! Then nothing. Sorry for getting off to a rocky start, try again ...
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started by Eemee.   
Doing good
Im doing really good with not eating after 8 but it gets much harder if we eat an early dinner. I get bored and go looking for snacks.
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started by ashlyn19063, 8 years ago.   
Doing good
I didn't snack after 8 last night, but I felt like I was starving. LOL! When I forgot about the challenge I wasn't hungry. It's all in the mind, I guess. LOL!
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started by DLAndrews, 8 years ago.   
I am doing it
I haven't been eating after 8 pm. Yeah me!!! Tia
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started by tia0326, 8 years ago.   
tough but works!
i did the no eating anything after 8. i work at a mexican restaurant and i wanted to splurge but i stayed tough and strong. i was strong willed and kept at it until my shift was over. its hard any way ...
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started by iammyself, 8 years ago.