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Posted: 02 Feb 2012, 11:57
Sentences were carried out on deck this morning for 10 crew found stowaway in the hold unwilling to change there ways and adhere to the rules they signed oath to for crew passage and set their diet calenders public.

They were set adrift with empty wine skins of air so chances are good they will make land fall in a couple days if'in the sharks don't get them as the prevailing current is in their favor. No such mercy will be afforded in the future as we will be to far out to sea to matter.

Your Captain had sent privet messages and posted many opportunity for them to mend their ways and they chose to go swimmin be it.

For the rest of us we are down to a good working crew now..but take heed as if last voyage is any indication of the general fortitude of sailors and the worth of their words these days more then half of you will perish along the way.
This is not my intention and I hope all now remaining aboard pull through and muster up to the task ahead till the end.

Saying were going to do sumthin and then not do'in it is what brought us to this state of ours...Stay the coarse and make a good start to a new chapter to your life's book. That is this ship's and this voyages purpose. Make it so.

Carry on!

Captain Shelm


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Posted: 02 Feb 2012, 12:12
I have to say that the challeng is really helping me. Normally when I have had in indescretion, I don't post for the rest of the day because I'm so sure I've totally screwed up. But now that I'm posting my screw ups I'm finding that my indescretions were much worse in my head than they were on paper.

It's working!
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Posted: 02 Feb 2012, 12:44
Aye That is very true mate!

A message to the general crew! I will post this as new topic as well.

This here challenge is not a diet so much as a diet try's to control what you eat. This Challenge is solely designed to bring you face to face with how much we actually do eat so we can face our own individual monsters face to face and do battle with it. And do battel with the support of a well prepared and crewed ship.
Chang'in what you eat to healthier choices is up to each crew.
Rather it be Twinkies or Grapes maters not..too much consumption is our troubles, so by mark'in it ALL down we quickly see where we have been fool'in ourselves.

How many heavy people have you had tell you "I really don't eat that much"

Well this challenge will prove that is a "compared to who" statement!...and a farce if'in your honest and trustfully uphold'in to your signed oath of "No Cheating no Hiding"

Embarrassment is not the goal of this here voyage..we fellow crew could care less what you eat or how much, few of us will gander to even look unless asked for advice by you...The goal and purpose is for all of us to succeed in whatever it is your here on this voyage and this challenge to succeed in.

For most of us that's weight that end you have to know what goes in to battle your monster. The only way is to mark it down as close to exact as you can. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bad day so quit beating yourself up over that..just be honest with yourself , your fellow crew and to your oath and mark it down.

Your Captain Loves beer..and loves bread. These are my monsters I have to personalty face...Only by mark'in down exactly what I eat can I then determine if I can afford a beer or 6 or a half a loaf of hot french bread. This challenges goal is not to deprive anyone of what they like to eat...just to force you to see how often you can afford to eat it and still attain their desired outcome.

Captain Shelm