Mini-Challenge - Four hours

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Try not eating four hours before going to bed. This will help your food not sit on your stomach while you sleep.

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Week 4 47% Successful
Week 3 51% Successful
Week 2 57% Successful
Week 1 52% Successful

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Failed: 26 Apr 10 by VanSeaEats
"T - Nope W - Nope Th - N F - N S - N S - Y M - N"
Successful: 26 Apr 10 by AmyCoulon
"I feel very much in control when I don't munch at night, it's a great ..."
Failed: 15 Apr 10 by Ivybluez
"been drinking wine every night."
Failed: 09 Apr 10 by appleflake
"Try as I might, I just can't shake it yet. Seems to be my nightly routine ..."
Failed: 03 Apr 10 by vdaphnis2
"I eat then sit in bed so i dont think that counts. I do homework in bed ..."
Failed: 01 Apr 10 by katiebaby521
"When I felt absolutely starved, I chose wisely, eating low calorie foods ..."
Failed: 30 Mar 10 by tuchler814
"again, i don't know yet, but as it's almost 8 and i want to be in bed by ..."

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