Mini-Challenge - Drink more water

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Replace a late night snack with a glass or two of water.

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Week 2 93% Successful
Week 1 79% Successful

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Successful: 09 Apr 10 by AbbyCakes
"Lots of water yesterday :D"
Successful: 09 Apr 10 by appleflake
"I stay up much too late and even though I have tried to not snack on a ..."
Successful: 05 Apr 10 by AmyCoulon
"I already drink 60+ oz water every day."
Successful: 05 Apr 10 by jlwaddell
"last night had the munchies..."
Failed: 03 Apr 10 by vdaphnis2
"I keep water on me but i seem to gravitate more toward tea and coffee. ..."

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