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Another way to avoid munchies.
Hi all. Here's a hint that I've found extremely helpful. I've also joined a Challenge to cut down on caffeine and not have ANY caffeine after 2 pm. Here's what happens to me. I work ...
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High Caloried Snacks?!
What are some of these??
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Wine instead of ice cream
When I'm craving sweets at night I've found about 4 oz of red or white wine does the trick. There's no fat, and the small amount of carbs gets rid of my sweet tooth. Plus lasts way longer than ...
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Things that crunch
When I get those night time munchies, I will often reach for popcorn, pea pods or carrot sticks. Things that crunch make me feel like I have eaten but haven't completely destroyed my diet!. I stay ...
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No Snacking?
Does this mean no snacking at all for the challenge or to cut down on snacking? No snacking at all at night would truely be a challenge for me. I have a habit of eating 100 calorie popcorn each time when ...
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Night Time Snacks
This is my biggest downfall! I can go through the whole day without snacking but come 7:00 pm, the munchies kick in hard. If I could defeat this, my goals would be so much easier!!!
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Tough not to MUNCH
This Challenge will be tough for me due to I find myself munching after the dinner timeframe!
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