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Announcement: Challenge updates and announcements
I added new 12 weeks mini-challenge: Drink about 3-4 glasses of water everyday (coffee and tea does not count) Guidelines: It's recommended to drink up to 64 oz's (2 litres) of water everyday ...
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Announcement: Challenge progress by week
Week two: our challenge participants lost 35 kilos together this week. Let's see final results tomorrow!
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Announcement: Welcome everybody
Hello everyone and welcome to the challenge! Please introduce yourself and let us know you are here :) It's very important to share our issues, ideas and success while we are on the way to our goal. ...
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What types of exercises you have been able to do?
My activities: Bike to work now and then. Walk to nearby stores. Dance zumba wii occasionally. Lift weights occasionally during the weekends. Cook meals. Carry my baby. Eat during breaks, bike during ...
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How Is Everyone Doing?
Hello fellow fitness pals, How is everything going? Is everyone still motivated for this? I AM!! I have FINALLY hit a point in my life where I am TIRED, of being tired of my weight! I am changing my ...
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Almost there, dear fitness pals!
The challenge is starting in 7 hours! Who is ready to see major body improvements in 12 weeks? :)
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Heello from this first time challenger:)
Hi everyone, my name is Christina and this is my first fitness challenge i have joined! I'm hoping by doing this i can stay motivated and lose at least 20 pounds by May 26 for my college graduation. ...
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Ideas to improve our project and welcome everybody! :)
Hello everybody, thanks in advance for joining in the challenge. I wanted to share some of my personal experience in dieting and workouts. First a few words about my situation. I usually maintained he ...
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8 New Diet Rules to Eat Better
By Melissa Daly Quit playing hunger games. The new rules of dieting will surprise you -- and keep you slim and satisfied. 1. Find your balance. Calories in, calories out. We've been told that ...
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For my own good I have to loose weight
I was doing realy good last year , then This year I hit a wall, it has been hard for me to get back to do the right thing, I missed several challenges, I have to fin a way to get back because when I'm ...
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Ideal weight and ideal body parameters for women
These are some facts that I heard about ideal weight and ideal body parameters. Maybe you will find smth usefull or add something you know :) Also it would be nice, if you share your current and dream ...
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