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Posted: 11 Feb 2013, 12:59
Hi, I think I have this challenge down, but I need help with vitamines! I am not sure what I should be taking everyday, or if there are specific ones for the skinny challenge. Don't know if I am getting enough nutrients with the food I am eating so any advice would be welcome!!
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Posted: 11 Feb 2013, 15:30
hello and welcome!! do you have any shops close by that could give you any advice on vitamins?? (we have a Holland and barrot down the road and a health/fitness place in town for advice) I'm just taking a standard multivitamin, something to cover everything Wink
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Posted: 11 Feb 2013, 16:08
I think there are a hundred+ possible answers to your question, none completely correct. Here's my 2c.

If you've stopped the fast/processed food and switched to more veggies (like myself) then your body is getting many more nutrients than before. Keep everything in perspective.

- Good multi-vitamin: This covers most of your requirements
- Fish Oil: Several doctors have told me how good Omega 3 supplements are to take
- Calcium +D: A nutritionist emphasized calcium is beneficial for weight loss
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