Mini-Challenge - Cut down/ out take aways, sweets, crisps and chocolate



The hardest one of all for most. substitue the usual chocolate bar, bag of crisps or bag of sweets with some fruit, or a good for you bar. there's plenty of good treats out there, find what works for you!!

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Week by Week Results

Week 4 57% Successful
Week 3 68% Successful
Week 2 70% Successful
Week 1 71% Successful

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Failed: 11 Mar 13 by MrJsHarley
"ate pick n mix at the cinema Wednesday"
Failed: 05 Mar 13 by hobo1219
"So failed this one, but I am doing a little better than before. Still have ..."
Successful: 27 Feb 13 by AngieB222
"I did pretty well by not eating sweets, until my birthday weekend. I had ..."
Successful: 25 Feb 13 by sh2013
"Except when my roommate brought around the chocolate chips.."
Failed: 18 Feb 13 by pam-u-la
"Do granola bars count? "
Successful: 13 Feb 13 by contemptuous
"yes, i don't really eat out anymore and def no processed foods. I let the ..."
Failed: 13 Feb 13 by Fatandforty
"Not yet.. but I am giving up sweets for Lent... by Easter, may be I wont ..."

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