Mini-Challenge - Cut out/ down sugar in hot drinks and fizzy drinks



If your a sucker for a can of pop, or a fist full of sugar in your tea, cut it down (or better, cut it out). substitute with green tea, sugar free squashes or water for a bigger challenge!!

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 4 76% Successful
Week 3 88% Successful
Week 2 86% Successful
Week 1 86% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 27 Feb 13 by AngieB222
"I do not drink ANY soda anymore. I sometimes slip and drink some Hawaiian ..."
Successful: 25 Feb 13 by sh2013
"Went from 3-4 sugar / cream loaded teas a day to 1 a week"
Failed: 18 Feb 13 by pam-u-la
"Drinking too much coffee "
Successful: 14 Feb 13 by Katgood13
"stayin away from the diet coke it is very hard but i am doing it "
Successful: 13 Feb 13 by contemptuous
"okaay okay, it put in a teaspoon of brown sugar in my decaf today. But ..."
Failed: 13 Feb 13 by Fatandforty
"No fizzy drinks ... but need to tone down the sugar in the coffee"

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