Mini-Challenge - Pat yourself on the back for success!



You must never punish yourself for making a little mistake, instead, catch yourself being good to modify behavior

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Week 4 88% Successful
Week 3 85% Successful
Week 2 100% Successful
Week 1 86% Successful

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Successful: 05 Dec 10 by ellehuny
"mostly... lol"
Successful: 29 Nov 10 by fightingobesity
"=D Still losing even though I went off plan for a couple days!"
Successful: 15 Nov 10 by JJisFit4AA
"I'm doing great at reinforcing positive lifestyle changes which will last ..."
Successful: 14 Nov 10 by hollyjanelle
"Overall, I feel pretty good about this first week. My blood sugar has been ..."

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