Mini-Challenge - Stick to under 25 Net Carbs per day



I would suggest Atkins, it is easiest

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Week by Week Results

Week 4 66% Successful
Week 3 50% Successful
Week 2 78% Successful
Week 1 75% Successful

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Successful: 05 Dec 10 by ellehuny
"mostly I have stuck to the diet... I finally found a bread that I can eat! ..."
Failed: 29 Nov 10 by fightingobesity
"I was over a lot this week. Although, I didn't "cheat" persay... I had ..."
Failed: 21 Nov 10 by JenLuc
"Accidentally drank regular soda one day - otherwise passed."
Successful: 15 Nov 10 by abbeylane
"Under 20 net carbs a week"
Failed: 15 Nov 10 by JJisFit4AA
"I'm in OGWL mode, lifting weights. I need more carbs to sustain my muscle. "
Successful: 14 Nov 10 by hollyjanelle
"I was able to make it the entire week without any real difficulties in ..."
Successful: 12 Nov 10 by Allyn
"I accidentally answered the question. I can't go back and not answer, ..."

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