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Low Carb Support
Hello every my name is Tasha and I need some advice on snacking and eating dinner. I'm worried that I will get tired of eating salad everyday. If anyone has sucess stories with the Atkins that is also ...
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started by Tosh80.   
Wow, this is hard!!
I've always counted calories, but I've never done low carb before. It has been very hard for me to stay below 25 carbs, I've only made this goal 1 day.
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started by Jenny0103, 7 years ago.   
Looking forward to this challenge!
Overall I have lost 88 pounds in the past 2 years, but have plateaued. I lost most of my weight when I was more low carb, so I'm excited to get back into this and break through my stalling. Plus, I ...
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Checking In
Starting this challenge today! I'm not new to Low Carb, but I have strayed far from in the past two years. That has helped me to regain all the weigh I lost. So, time to get back to what worked b ...
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started by V-Girl, 7 years ago.   
The Paleo Solution
I've been reading "The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf. Started the plan last week and feel very full. This is a very different diet plan for me--in the past I've been successful with W ...
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started by Aquafan, 7 years ago.   
Wow, I am looking forward to this challenge! Several years ago I lost 30 pounds doing my own thing, lol. It came off pretty quickly and went back on even faster once I became too lax with my eating. ...
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started by fightingobesity, 7 years ago.   
Low Carb Reduce Weight
Love to join your challenge. Have 31 pounds to lose. Need the positive support. Have lost in the past but recently gained back 10 lbs. Ready to get on track.:d
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started by SueB1, 7 years ago.   
Not new but newly restarted
I lost track of fat secret but I am back. I was surprised to see that since my first visits last year I have lost 12 lbs. I am going on vacation in Early December and want to maximize weight loss until ...
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started by 1hotnana, 7 years ago.   
New New New
Hello all! I am fresh here at FatSecret and I am just learning the ropes of the forums and challenges. I have been on Atkins for a little over 2 months and I am down 21 lbs. However, in the last 3 weeks ...
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