Challenge Forum: Talk About It: What is your motivation for wanting to lose weight?

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Posted: 27 Jun 2012, 19:39
For me, there was a trigger each time I decided to lose the weight. The first time.. I was on a local chatline and started talking to this guy. And like many people (I won't just say men).. Of the chatline.. he seemed like a real good guy. Well.. we finally met up and we chatted for a moment because I was on a lunch break but the change in him was apparent. Even though I was honest about my weight. For a minute I was mad like, "Damn, this dude wasn't even cute and he just stopped talking to me because he wasn't attracted to me physically. I have a pretty face still a--hole!" Then I became depressed and judgemental. Not even over the guy because honestly.. He was not a looker but now that I think of it maybe that is why. Because he was ugly and still wouldn't have been interested ha! Ain't that some sh.. Anyways.. I said to myself that's it. I want every man who had "not been interested" break their necks. Just because I am a good woman and a hard worker. If you can't take me at 220 then you don't want me at 150. I'm the same person fat or skinny. And I began.. And I did turn heads.. And I felt more confident than I had in years! Oh! And I saw him again.. went to keep a guy friend company at court and he was in hand cuffs in custody. Looked right at me and don't think he recognized me but I got a little giggle out of it.

This time.. I met another man and when we met the first night we sat in a car and talked, listened to music and enjoyed each other company for 7 hours. LOL. I was heavily in denial (get it?) but heavy all the same. We've been together 3 years about three months after that night. Now over the years I've met the family and the girlfriends/boyfriends of the family and it's hard not to feel a bit awkward in pajama pants or loose sweats when his cousins have beautiful girlfriends from the hair, body, make up and clothes. Now I know my man loves me and has been with me regardless of my weight but still made me feel bad. The little evil imagination I had of his male cousins asking him why was he with me? Because unlike first guy this one is much much sexier. Haha! I want to feel good for me but a part of me also wants to look good for my man. The man who accepted me for me. I want guys to look at his woman and give him compliments on his woman so he feels extra good with me at his side. Knowing no man could take me from him no matter the money, cars or looks solely because I know fat or skinny he'll love me.

Okay.. now that I got personal.. It's your turn.. Go!

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Posted: 28 Jun 2012, 10:06
I have so many things to motivate me right now. It's almost hard to focus on just one. So I decided throughout this challenge to focus on one motivating factor a week. I can easily come up with 12. This week I am focusing on the fact that I will be on a beach in Panama with my husband in one month. I do not want to look or feel like a beached whale. I have piled on 10 pounds this year and I feel more determined to stick with this. I don't want this weight anymore. It's just not healthy physically or mentally. I got my dad to be my buddy, even though he is in a different timezone, we can push each other. Normally what happens is I stick with it for 3 weeks and then fall off the bandwagon, lose the motivation, lose the will. The will is the hardest thing for me. I have to keep using the motivation. So, this week, when I want that late snack, when I want that piece of chocolate, when I want that burger, I just think of a beached whale. Totally turns my appetite. Very Happy
I will discuss my motivations each week in my journal. Thanks for sharing yours!
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