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Sorry Just Got A Chance To Weigh In
It's been such a crazy 12 weeks. The first 8 weeks of this competition I stayed balanced. I can never lose weight for the holidays no matter how hard I try. All 9 pounds I've lost has come in ...
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started by ViciouslyCold, 7 years ago.   
RED Team
I did not know we are competing on teams, but now that I know...Come on Red Team! We can do this...I am doing the Zig Zag diet and going to the YMCA. I will cheer us all on...Woooohooooo..
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started by zinawarriorforgod, 7 years ago.   
Calorie Intake vs Net?
On the front page of this challenge it says to lose two lbs a week you should reduce your calorie intake by 600 calories. Does this actually mean your intake or just that your net should be -600? I ask ...
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started by Blackeyes24.