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need plan plz
Messaged asking for the plan and I haven't received it... could I get it from someone plz!! I have a wedding coming up and have to try on dresses very soon!
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started by ib007, 2 years ago.   
Feeling good
Diner was surprisingly good, I had some roasted beef, ( green beans and beets aren't my thing) but I had it fresh and it was complementing my home roasted beef. Anyway vanilla ice cream, had just half ...
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started by Sammyba, 2 years ago.   
This is the 3 Day Diet
1st Day - "Breakfast" Black coffee or Tea, 1/2 grapefruit, 1 slice-toast, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. "Lunch" 1/2 cup of tuna, 1 slice-toast. "Dinner" 2 slices of any ...
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started by ThugAngel1.   
Diet details
Hi... What is the diet details... Challenge is open but no details... :) I messaged the admin as well.. please share
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started by saipradeep, 2 years ago.   
Please send me the plan.
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started by Mcneillat, 2 years ago.   
send me the diet information, thanks so much
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started by Figgzie, 2 years ago.   
Send me details
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started by VTAP, 2 years ago.   
3 Day Diet
Just started this diet today. Can't wait to see if it works.
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started by Whoyda, 2 years ago.   
Diet details
Would be great to have diet details and meal plan, also is there any exercises that should be done over next three days.
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started by Sammyba, 2 years ago.   
Diet details..
Would love the diet details :)
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started by sgalwaygirl, 2 years ago.   
lose 10 in 3
Please send me this diet. Thank you.
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started by Jenb81, 2 years ago.   
Please send me the diet.
Please send me the diet.
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started by hendersonm92129, 2 years ago.   
pls send me the diet
Would u pls send me that Thanks
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started by namidravan, 2 years ago.   
10 pounds in 3 days
Please send me the diet,lose ten pounds in 3 days.
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started by Robbilynne, 2 years ago.   
Send me it please!
Please send me the diet I wan to start!
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started by LessThan3, 2 years ago.