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Posted: 11 Nov 2008, 11:53
Let's get pumped up for the lose 10lbs by holiday challenge! What can we do each day to ensure we hit this goal?Smile

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Posted: 11 Nov 2008, 15:41
The exercise part will be the most difficult for me. I have a 5 year old that doesn't make a very good jogging partner. DH doesn't get home from work until 7PM, and my neighborhood isn't safe to jog in at night. I start work at 5AM, and there's no way that I'll get a workout in before work. I will have to find something to do around the house to get the exercise in I think.

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Posted: 11 Nov 2008, 22:04
When my kids were smaller, when I would watch tv or play with the kids, I would lay on my back and balance them on my bent knees and pretend they were on a horse. They loved it. I would hold there hands to keep them from flying off. Another thing I would do, when doing push ups I would tell them they had to crawl under me when I pushed up (I was the bridge, crane whatever) otherwise when I would come down they would be "squished!" Think outside the normal routine. There is a lot of sweat to be had. Good luck.