Mini-Challenge - practice good self-care



This should be done a minimum of once a week. lots of you work, have school, kids, have life in general and need to take time and take care of yourself. so examples would be yoga, getting a massage, meditation, drinking more water to hydrate your body, taking a long uninterupted bath, reading a book, watching a movie....anything that will give you a break and good for the overall wellbeing.

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Week 6 80% Successful
Week 5 90% Successful
Week 4 89% Successful
Week 3 64% Successful
Week 2 91% Successful
Week 1 92% Successful

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Successful: 22 Dec 08 by autoplas
"Reading a lot more than I did before and really enjoying it."
Successful: 04 Dec 08 by roxieread
"I took a bath and may go to yoga tonight."
Failed: 01 Dec 08 by Arelen
"If good self-care involves eating fun foods, I did a lot of it, but I ..."
Successful: 19 Nov 08 by pink_cinders
"a New haircut this week"
Successful: 16 Nov 08 by Fatto
"getting a massage, drinking more water. and reading internet."

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