Mini-Challenge - Strength training



a good goal for strength training would be 3 times a week but lets see if we can fit it in at least 2. So this can consist of lifting weights, toning exercises, pilates, so on and so forth. Can be combined with exercise or done alternative days.

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Week 6 46% Successful
Week 5 68% Successful
Week 4 57% Successful
Week 3 44% Successful
Week 2 57% Successful
Week 1 50% Successful

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Failed: 22 Dec 08 by autoplas
"Didn't manage to do any weights this week. Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!"
Successful: 16 Dec 08 by VondeLynn
"I did get in my Yoga a couple of days last week!!!"
Successful: 04 Dec 08 by roxieread
"two upper body workouts and a lower body workout tomorrow."
Failed: 01 Dec 08 by Arelen
"Lost motivation."
Failed: 16 Nov 08 by Patti7dc
"pulled a neck muscle on monday - so stayed away from lifting"
Failed: 16 Nov 08 by Fatto
"not enough"

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