Challenge Forum: Goal: 125 lbs by end of 12 weeks Ready to Get Started!!!


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Posted: 15 Mar 2013, 19:13
1-2 pounds per week to lose. Let's go and stick to these mini-challenges.
I need a new challenge and I hope my newly-created challenge will result in my changes in the next 12 weeks.

A Journey Ready to Commence!!


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Posted: 26 Mar 2013, 01:42
Just done my weekly weigh in which might affect figures a bit as that is loss for week, obviously not just one day. I am a bozo some times sorry. Looking forward to the challenges, starts gently for me as I only drink black unsweetened coffee anyway. Do have odd latte which I will skip on for the challengs. Sorry again and good luck everyone. Smile
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Posted: 26 Mar 2013, 19:07
Lucky you! And no worries for the weigh-in. Since I have been a heavy coffee with the extras drinker over the years, I have slowly gained weight because of this. By avoiding adding in the extras, this will drastically make a change with my body. Hopefully, you can keep yourself motivated with this challenge and see a great change in your lifestyle!