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It was not an easy task but do-able and I did it. 58 days of gym (not missed a day), 3.22 miles walk/run and hour of circuit training every day, ate clean (in fact no grain) and portion control. If you ...
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started by Americanpersian, 5 years ago.   
One more pound
I just need one more pound to meet this challenge and it is getting harder and harder. I have gone to gym 47 days without missing a day, ran/walked 5k a day and most days even more, started weight lifting ...
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started by Americanpersian, 5 years ago.   
Need all the support possible!!!
Joining this challenge to see if I can actually accomplish it and hopefully to get some support from you guys :)
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started by ForAndromeda.   
Perfect Challenge !
This is the perfect challenge for me, I think its a really realistic goal in a realistic time. Can't wait for it to get started !!
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started by rocketeer.   
Summer is coming!!!
:) Let's go guys, we can all do it!!!!!!
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started by highfashionmodel, 5 years ago.   
perfect fit!
Since this was already my goal, this is just right for me! I am in a fitness challenge at work which has a final weigh-in on May 1. I need to lose 27 more pounds to reach my goal. If I can lose 30 that ...
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started by bbunny, 5 years ago.   
Glad to be here
I am so ready for this challenge. My husband and I are both on this journey together. I tend to follow the Atkins plan, it seems to work best for me...
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started by Janetra, 5 years ago.   
my reasons
I am doing it for many reasons: I want to get in shape, look great at my wedding, wear my favorate bathing suit (and look good in it) , set a good example for my kids, to make myself feel better, and most ...
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started by freaklette, 5 years ago.   
Let's Do It!
Game Time Baby Let's Go! I have to get right for the summer I want to look and feel Hot! Who's with Me!?
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started by Bossy Re Re.