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Posted: 31 Dec 2012, 08:42
I am with you, Chelle - did Atkins years and years ago and it worked. Even met Dr. Atkins himself! Then put on the weight again......I feel so much better off wheat and sugar don't know why I give in to my sugar tooth. Look forward to having this group to help!
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Posted: 01 Jan 2013, 08:53
I so agree, Elizabeth! Why do I eat the bad things when I feel so much better when I don't?

I'm ready and on board! Tea with cream, bacon and eggs for breakfast, and a smoked ham for dinner!

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Posted: 02 Jan 2013, 12:16
Welcome to you both! And much success to you Smile
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Posted: 02 Jan 2013, 20:14
The sugar tooth is a tricky little devil! I have a serious sweet tooth so I have learned that I have to keep some of the diet friendly "sweets" on hand for "sweet emergencies." Good luck to you both and so glad you are here!

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