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Eggs is the power food!! It keeps me so full plus you can do so much (besides adding to brownie mix ;) ) I found a great way to get my protein, feel full, and I don't want to eat anything in site ...
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started by team_lisa, 9 years ago.   
Is everyone drinking enough water? I know i am not! My skin is getting dry. I am going to drink at least 8 glasses a day and next week step it up! I see all the guys at the gym with the gallon water ...
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started by team_lisa, 9 years ago.   
Just a small tip
Instead of just doing the same thing for 30 minutes on a cardio machine step it up....Really really challenge yourself. (Don't forget to warm up & cool down) Interval training: 1st double the ...
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Getting on the scale!
Ok guys it's mid week! Are you on the right track or do you need to step it up so you are ready to step on the scale? Cardio cardio cardio! Lisa
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Race for the cure!!!!!!!!!
anyone else going to do the race for the cure this year?? The one here is May 2nd! I am going to step it up!
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started by team_lisa, 9 years ago.   
How much do you wanna lose?
Starting weight? Goal Weight? What are you guys gonna do to lose those pesky pounds? I wanna know what kinda work outs you guys are gonna do, even if it's like, walking around. Tell me! I'm nosy! ...
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